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Mixed Vegetable Kurma – A mild vegetable curry with coconut milk

Vegetable kurma is one of our most favorite curries with puri/roti. We used to ecstatic when amma (mom) made this!! This is her recipe and I absolutely cherish it :) Most of you may not have tasted this particular curry because… Continue reading

Sabudana (Sago/Tapioca) Khichdi

Today’s recipe is one of my all time favorites! Though I have always loved eating Sabudana, I started cooking it myself recently. Until then it was only the sabudana khichdi from neighbor’s houses (Thanks Poonam aunty, I know you read… Continue reading

Grapefruit in Ginger-Cardamom Syrup

Grapefruit is the epitome of citrus. Bursting with fresh flavors, this fruit is delightful when you know how to eat it!! I usually just segment the grapefruit, sprinkle it with loads of sugar, a tiny pinch of salt and let… Continue reading

Barley and Vegetable Skillet Salad

I know most of “us” (yes, including me) avoid barley because we think of it as health food. And health food is not supposed to taste good right? When barley is prepared properly and seasoned well, it can transform into… Continue reading

Mixed Vegetable Chutney (Dip)

How’s everybody doing?? I am very happy and excited!! Why?? Well I know all my FB friends know, this is for the rest of you. I had submitted a recipe few months ago to Holland Bulb Farms -2012 recipe contest… Continue reading

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