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South Indian Tiffins

Idli (with Idli Rava) & Very Easy Hotel Style Sambar for Idli

This is one of my mom’s specialty. I would never eat idli sambar at school, but I used to be very very excited when Amma gave me this. You might wonder why! Well, the reason was that I could exchange… Continue reading

Aloo Bonda – Potato Chickpea flour fritters

Aloo Bonda is a typical south Indian snack. These are fritters made with a simple potato curry, dipped in besan/chickpea flour batter and deep fried. They are usually served with the evening tea. This is a very simple recipe, easy… Continue reading

Medu Vadai/Urad Dal Vada – Happy Pongal!

Wish you all a very Happy Pongal!! Hope all of you had a great day :)

Festivals always make you nostalgic, don’t they? Well, I become totally nostalgic on festivals and bore my husband with all the things I did back… Continue reading

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