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Rice Varieties

Elai Vadam/Stand Vadam (Rice papadum)

Each family has its own set of traditional recipes that are passed down to its next generation with lots of love. These are the recipes that no restaurant in the world can make and no amount of money can buy!… Continue reading

Burrito (Veggie) – with Mexicali rice and Beans

Now, with a whole jar of tomatillo salsa verde sitting in my refrigerator, I just could not not make burrito. This is the version we adore. The soft tortilla soaked in the salsa, tender yet crisp veggies, fluffy Mexicali rice… Continue reading

Vegetable/Egg Fried Rice

I know all of you know how to make fried rice…then why another recipe??? Well, the answer is – one of my experiments resulted in this absolutely delicious fried rice, I had to share it with you all!! The secret… Continue reading

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