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Raw Jack Fruit Dum Biriyani – A Royal Indulgence!


Raw jack fruit!! It is either very familiar or people have no idea about it! How many of you have tried cooking with it?  I absolutely love the texture and flavor of this unique vegetable. Raw jackfruits are not… Continue reading

Irani Samosa/Onion Samosa (Cocktail Samosa)

All of you are familiar with Samosa. Probably the most famous Indian snack! If you have never tried making them at home, try THIS recipe. What all of you may not be familiar with is the version that I’m going… Continue reading

Mushroom 65 – Fiery!!

Andhra Pradesh’s cuisine is known as one of the spiciest in India. And yes, it is true!! This region is famous for its fiery hot food and super spicy pickles. And we totally love it :) I still remember my first… Continue reading

Mirchi ka Salan – Green Chilli curry

Mirchi ka salan is a very flavorful gravy that can be served with biryani or pulav/pilaf. This recipe is a perfect example of the south Indian influence on the Nizam’s cuisine. ‘Mirchi’ is a Hindi word for ‘Chillies’.  Don’t… Continue reading

Hyderabadi Bagara Baingan – Eggplants in spicy gravy

This recipe is very close to my heart and its been due on my blog for a long time. Seriously, a long time, I know my friend who requested this recipe years ago will be very happy! I learnt to… Continue reading

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