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Butterscotch Shortbread Cookies (Eggless)

As I promised, I’m here with a cookie recipe again!! I stumbled upon this recipe on the Taste of Home magazine’s website and coincidentally butterscotch happens to be my most favorite flavor on earth!! I just could not resist not… Continue reading

Spooky Eyeball Cookies in Blood – (Meringue cookies in POM-Strawberry syrup)

Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween is just around the corner and the festive season of this year has begun! This is definitely the time for spooky treats and spookier costumes!!! I’m not very much into dressing up for halloween, but spooky treats,… Continue reading

Butter Cookies or Good Day??

I cannot think of anyone who does not like Britania Good Day biscuits in India. The rich, buttery cookies, with the crunch of nuts here and there, unbelievable!! I can easily finish of one whole pack on my own :).… Continue reading

Palmiers/Little Hearts

Palmier (pahlm-YAY) are light, flaky, sweet and subtly salty pieces of heaven that can be aptly categorized into ‘no one can eat just one’ group. These are ridiculously simple to make and I’m pretty sure, will never fail to impress… Continue reading

Ghriba – Traditional Moroccan Cookies

The A.W.E.D Morocco event provided me with an opportunity to explore Moroccan cuisine. And I must truly thank the hosts of this event Pavani (Cook’s Hideout) and DK (Chef In You) for this wonderful event or I would… Continue reading

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