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Pecan Logs – Guest Post by Namitha@Collaborative Curry

This is the second post in my Featured blogs series, where I am introducing you all to my favorite foodies and their blogs. Today’s post is by Namitha who is the co-author of Collaborative Curry. The other author… Continue reading

Dulce De Leche-Cashew Cookies

Are you all drooling already??? If you are not, you should be! These cookies are absolutely delicious! I LOVE dulce de leche. What is Dulce De Leche??  It is a Spanish word that translates to “sweet of milk”.… Continue reading

Tiranga (Tricolor) Cookies – Happy Republic Day!

Wish all my Indian friends and readers a very happy Republic day. I do have fond memories of Republic day from my childhood. If you are bored of reading all my nostalgic notes, please skip this into and proceed to… Continue reading

Butterscotch Shortbread Cookies (Eggless)

As I promised, I’m here with a cookie recipe again!! I stumbled upon this recipe on the Taste of Home magazine’s website and coincidentally butterscotch happens to be my most favorite flavor on earth!! I just could not resist not… Continue reading

White Chip Chocolate Cookie

Happy Holidays everybody!!! This is such a festive season! I see so many colorful Christmas trees. Wherever I go, there’s just this positive energy in the air, that keeps you happy…And when I’m happy, I crave sweet treats of course!!… Continue reading

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