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POM (Pomegranate) Strawberry Tartlets

For all of you wondering what ‘POM’ in the title is, POM Wonderful is USA’s largest manufacturer of Pomegranate juice and other related products. Please visit their website to know more about this company and their wonderful products. Ryan at… Continue reading

Chocolate Bread Pudding – with Nutella, Cardamom and Nutmeg

How can you go wrong with chocolate something? If it is chocolatey is has to be good. Period. This bread pudding was born out of my craving for some chocolate bread pudding, after I watched an episode of Throwdown with… Continue reading

Watermelon Cardamom Granita – Refreshing!!

This summer has been awfully HOT! The temperatures in the east coast soared to 40 degree Celsius :(. We were always heading to the kitchen, hardly to cook, but mostly to the fridge to grab something cool. I had a… Continue reading

Tiramisu – the Ultimate Italian Dessert

Tiramisu is the ultimate Italian dessert. My first stint with Tiramisu was at one of the Olive Garden Restaurants. Was I impressed at the first bite?? Actually yes and no. Yes, because I loved the coffee flavored dessert. And no… Continue reading

Vanilla Cheesecake Swirl Brownies

I love reading cookbooks. Especially the ones with pictures!! I can actually read them like I read fiction. Maybe we should call the cookbooks as food fiction, don’t you agree with me?? Anyway, all this ramble is because, this recipe… Continue reading

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