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Banana Orange Oats Bread

Ah!! The aroma of banana bread baking in your oven…isn’t just that enticing aroma a good enough reason to bake anything with bananas???? For me, it certainly is :) The whole house smells so good and hubby dear and my doggy… Continue reading

Roasted Curry Pumpkin Sandwich with Yogurt, Mint & Flax sauce

This is the first time I’m roasting pumpkin, though I’ve wanted to do it forever! Actually, I love pumpkin in sambar and vatta kozhambu and aviyal so very much that I can’t get myself to roast it and use it… Continue reading

Whole Wheat Oats Potato Bread

I have always loved whole wheat bread for its earthy flavor. Even as a child, I always liked the ‘brown bread’ (Wheat bread is called brown bread in India). It was not readily available then and was a little expensive… Continue reading

Massa Savoda – Portugese Sweet Bread – A.W.E.D. Portugal

This month’s A.W.E.D Portugal event gave me a chance to explore the Portugese cuisine. A.W.E.D (A Worldly Epicurean Delight) is an event started by DK of Chef In You, and hosted this month by Priya of Priya’s Easy N… Continue reading

Eggplant & Rice soup in Homemade Breadbowl

What do you do when it is cold and snowing outside…Well, I can certainly tell you what I like to do; open the curtains so you can see the magical snow fall and cuddle up on the sofa with a… Continue reading

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