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If you haven’t already noticed, I am on a break :)

My dear readers,

I have been missing from the bolgosphere for quite a long time now and sadly this post is to let you know that it will be further extended. Its not that I am not missing the… Continue reading

Coriander (Cilantro) Coconut Rice & Vegetable Raita

This recipe is incredibly simple and extremely flavorful!! Cilantro or coriander, as it is called in India is my most favorite herb. I cannot live without it and you will always find my fridge stocked with at least a… Continue reading

Garlic Rasam (Tangy south Indian Garlic Soup) by Sangeetha @Kothiyavunu

Have you been following the guest posts from my friends for the Featured post series? Did you visit them and say hi!? If no, you should now! And you should also say hello to our guest today, Sangeetha… Continue reading

Tomato Pappu (Dal) & Raw Plantain Curry – A south Indian meal

I have talked a lot about south Indian cuisine on this blog. But somehow I have never talked about our daily meals, the way they are served and eaten. A typical meal at our place includes rice, a lentil… Continue reading

Fundraiser for VSPCA India by Richa@Hobby & More

(Image courtesy: Richa @ Hobby & More)

Today’s post is for a great cause. My friend Richa who blogs at Hobby & More has come up with this wonderful initiative to raise some money for VSPCA – Visakha Society… Continue reading

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