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About Me

Welcome to my virtual kitchen! My name is Ambika, as you would have guessed from my blog title!! I’m an Industrial Production engineer by degree, I worked as a software developer and now I’m a happy housewife by choice. I moved to the US after my wedding. My husband and I live with our adorable pet, Milo (a Jack Russell Terrier).

Why do I write this blog?

I love cooking, eating, shopping for food and watching cookery shows. I bore my husband to death with my constant food chattering and food network watching. How much can a man take, huh?

So, Ambika’s Kitchen was born out of my love for anything ‘food’, a lot of free time, and my husband’s persistence. He is my best friend, my best critic, always the scapegoat of my experiments and now my web developer. This blog has been completely developed, designed and customized by us (him actually!).

What’s in this blog??

I have been in my family’s kitchen since I was a kid, always sitting by my mother and observing her. She would always tell me why and when of what she was doing. When I started cooking full-time a couple of years back, I realized how useful those little nuances were!! Both my mother and mother-in-law are excellent cooks, the former is the traditional elaborate one, while the latter is the ‘jhatpat’ (quick & efficient) cook , with a bagful of tips and tricks for everyday cooking. You will find some of these written as ‘Tips’ & ‘Notes’ in my recipes.

This is a lacto-ovo vegetarian blog. Baking and bread making are my most recent interests and I’m constantly trying to learn new recipes/techniques.

My cooking style is definitely Indian but I’m opening up to world cuisine now. I was intimidated of baking but once I started, there has been no looking back. Baking is therapeutic to me and I enjoy it thoroughly.  I’m an amateur baker and blogosphere has introduced me to a lot of wonderful people out there, who generously share their knowledge about perfect baking. I admire them and hope to be able to bake like them some day!

Although many of the recipes in this blog are from my family and friends, I do browse a lot of blogs and cookbooks, and whenever I have adapted a recipe from either, the source is always mentioned.


This website has been completely developed and designed by us and we hold the copyright to all the content and photographs. Please do not use/copy anything without asking us first. We will be very happy to authorize for proper use.

13 Responses to About Me

  • keshav says:

    Do you take your own pictures? They look very professional…


    p.s – Love the font when I type the comment

    p.p.s – Arrived here from Krishna/Aarthi wedding website

  • Laurence says:

    I can’t wait to try each and everyone of your recipes!!

  • I love your recipes and photography. They are beautiful!

  • M D says:

    Hey Ambika, I am here for the first time and I totally loved your site. It has a huge collection of various recipes put together very well and presented beautifully. Keep up the good work. Will be back here often!

  • Shwetha says:

    Hey Ambika…:) stumbled here through facebook….I’m glad I did…
    A really nice website with interesting recipes :)

  • Priyadarasini Esvar says:

    Hi ambika,

    Really loved you site.
    want to try allt he receipes..

    Priya E

  • jayashree says:

    Hello Ambika,
    I just came across your website and its a nice one. Liked your dishes.

  • Rachael says:

    Thank you for such delicious recipes! My daughter LOVES them.

    Best wishes to you and your family.

  • dipti says:

    hi ambika, land up first time here while looking for a baked mathari recipe. loved ur recipes, wl visit often

  • shilpi says:

    Nice recipes Ambika, I was looking for veg Chalupa recipe and got yours. It looks perfect will try it soon.

  • Mariza Tovar says:

    Hello Ambika! You sound amazing, I love your passion for food and cooking, your photography and recipe style. I am writing to ask if you have ever made large quantities of your tamarind and coriander chutney. I never have and I’m about to embark on a weekend long samosa fest. I’m quite nervous and could use all of the advice I could get! Anything and everything you have as input would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you for your delicious recipes. I hope to hear from you! All the best,

  • Reshu Drolia says:

    Brilliant recipes Ambika, i just stumbled upon your website and was just amazed to see your recipes. Bahut badhiya recipes aapke blog mei hai.
    Thanks and will try soon:>

  • Sandy Ckoo says:

    Hi Ambika,
    I used to live with a couple in Boston and Alka was the wife of John. I adored them and they turned me onto Indian food. I can’t eat all, as i a m a partial vegetarian, but, do love saag paneer. Your recipes and website are so inspiring and very much appreciated!
    Thank-you for your passion and sharing!
    Sandy Cook

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