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Reason Behind my Absence and some easy Diwali recipes!

Hello everybody!!! I hope all of you are doing great :) Its festive season again, what is everybody up to?? Are you done with your shopping for clothes and crackers? Is the menu set for this Diwali? Or have you already started churning out goodies in your kitchen? I know I shouldn’t be asking too many questions, when I haven’t yet given out the answers to your kind concerns/questions :) As you know I have been absconding for a long long time now and haven’t been back when I promised to be. But things have been fine at my end, in fact things have been very well. Life brought big changes and bright opportunities upon us and we have just been going along with it.

So, here’s the BIG news, we have relocated to INDIA!!! (for those of you who didn’t know from where, from the US). Hubby dear has taken up a position at IIT Kharagpur as a prof and hence I am in the city of Kharagpur, West Bengal now :). We came here in July and have been trying to settle down since. The months before leaving the US were busy with all the discarding and packing, the months after coming here have been busy with acquiring and unpacking!!! This is a totally new place for both of us and it took quite a while to get to know everything. Kharagpur is a relatively small city, just about 3 hours drive from Kolkatta. The IIT campus is the only happening place around here and luckily we stay on campus. It is a quiet, green and peaceful place, no hustle bustle, no traffic, clean air!! The only thing missing here is that there are no decent places to eat out. I am terribly missing Papa Johns, Chipotle, Subway and Taco Bell :( Wait before all you desi people accuse me of loading up on Indian snacks and chats and golgappas, sadly there is not much of that either. And I am a true Hyderabadi and I haven’t been able to appreciate the Bengali puchkas yet!! But the greener side of this story is the abundance of fresh vegetables in the markets here. I was missing out on a lot of my favorite vegetables and fruits in the US and now I buy them by the cart loads :) And well the best part about being back in India is the close proximity to our families. I have already visited them a couple of times and they have already been here a couple of times, how cool is that!!! :) And even better, I get to burst crackers this Diwali and light up lamps in every corner of my home!!

So now that Diwali is almost here, are you all set? What are you cooking up this time? I have tentatively decided what I will be making, a few recipes from my blog and am going to try a few from my friend’s blogs.

From my page its going to be Seven cup cake and Ribbon Pakoda/Pokkodam. And from my friend’s pages, I will be trying out Pavithra’s Onion murukku recipe and Raji’s Badusha.

Also here is a list of some easy snacks and savories from my collection for you to try out:


Seven Cup Cake

Mava Gujiya

Banana Coconut Burfi

Rava (Sooji) Laddoo

Surul Puri


Urad Dal Murukku


Kara Sev

Ribbon Pakoda/Pokkodam


Methi Mathri

Once again, wish you all a very Happy and Safe Diwali!! And I promise to be back as soon as possible :)

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