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Chocolate Fudge – Guest post by Pavithra of Dishes From My Kitchen

There is some news for you folks!! I am going to start a new feature – Featured Blogs @ Ambika’s Kitchen. In this feature, I will introduce you all to my favorite blogs and bloggers. I will try to introduce two blogs per month, depending on the availability of my  blogger friends. There will also be a small banner on the left side bar letting you all know which is the current featured blog, so you can visit them whenever you come and visit me :)

Today I am starting this feature with one of my friends, whose blog I have been following for the past 3 years. I have always admired her for her vast collection of recipes and her excellent photography. She is extremely creative in her food styling and is a wonderful baker! She is – Pavithra. Her vegetarian blog Dishes From My Kitchen, is a treat to the eyes. Drop in to visit her today and all of you will agree with me! South Indian, North Indian, Mexican, Italian, exotic bakes – you will be awestruck by the varieties you will find on her page. My most favorite post from her blog is her recent pongal display for a competition. This one post is enough to show what she is capable of! And, yes of course she won the competition :) Her recipe today is a fantastic chocolate fudge. Read rest of this post to know more about her recipe and don’t miss her gorgeous photos!!

I am very happy to do a guest post for my good Friend Ambika. Since she is a sweet friend for me I am doing a sweet and chocolaty post today. Yes it’s “Chocolate Fudge”. I have done this n number of times. Even though I have made this so many times we still crave for this Chocolate fudge, yes ☺ it’s totally addictive. This is so easy to make with simple ingredients that we have in our pantry. You need not require any fancy things like candy thermometer. These fudge stores well in the refrigerator and you can gobble whenever you crave for chocolate. You can also wrap this in fancy wrappers and gift them. Like any other fudge it is not made out of boiling sugar syrup to soft ball stage. So this has to be refrigerated.

With no greater effort here is an express Chocolate Fudge with divine taste….which surely satisfies your dessert/Chocolate craving….

Recipe Source – Nigella Lawson (with minor changes)


Dark chocolate – 350g
Condensed milk – 1 can (397g)
Pinch salt
Butter – 30 g
Pistachios/Almond/Cashews – 150g chopped (I mix up all these nuts and dry roast in the pan to have extra crunch)
Cocoa Powder – little for dusting (This is my personal preference)

1. If you are using bitter sweet chocolate reduce the amount of condensed milk just by removing 1 1/2 tbsp from the can.
2. You can add the nuts of your choice.
3. I dust the fudge slightly with cocoa powder because to avoid fudge sticking to each other and also to give nice matte finish.


  • Combine Cashew nuts, Almond and Pistachio. Dry roast them in the pan until they are nice and warm. Keep aside for Cooling.
  • Once the nuts are cooled chop all the nuts. (Rough chop them).
  • In the heavy bottom pan/vessel put the chopped chocolate, condensed milk, butter. Stir them in low heat until everything is melted. Keep an eye on them as Chocolate will burn easily.
  • Add the nuts to the melted chocolate condensed milk mixture and stir well to mix.
  • Once they are mixed well. Pour them immediately in the 23 cm square tray. Smooth the top using some spatula, spoon or foil.
  • Let the fudge cool. Refrigerate until set at least for 1 hour. You can then cut it into small pieces.
  • Once cut slightly dust them with Cocoa powder.
  • Store them in the air tight container and refrigerate it.

Enjoy them whenever you crave for Chocolates!!! It tastes divine.

So that was Pavithra – I am sure you enjoyed reading this post. I did and I am ogling at the photos, have to get a can of condensed milk and make this fudge right away! Stay tuned for the next guest feature on the 15th of this month!

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