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Rice Varieties

Raw Jack Fruit Dum Biriyani – A Royal Indulgence!


Raw jack fruit!! It is either very familiar or people have no idea about it! How many of you have tried cooking with it?  I absolutely love the texture and flavor of this unique vegetable. Raw jackfruits are not… Continue reading

Coriander (Cilantro) Coconut Rice & Vegetable Raita

This recipe is incredibly simple and extremely flavorful!! Cilantro or coriander, as it is called in India is my most favorite herb. I cannot live without it and you will always find my fridge stocked with at least a bunch!!… Continue reading

Coconut Milk Peas Biriyani by Sharmilee @Sharmi’s Passions

This is the third post in my featured blogs series where I am introducing you all to my favorite bloggers. Today’s guest is a very talented blogger, Sharmilee and she blogs at Sharmi’s Passions. I have been following Sharmi for… Continue reading

Mung Dal Khichdi (Rice & Mung bean soup)

Winter is definitely the season for comfort foods. I crave hot steaming meals to shoo away the cold. That is exactly the reason for this recipe. Well this is not even a great recipe. But this is something that I… Continue reading

Rice & Vegetable cakes with Avocado-Yogurt sauce and Wilted Spinach

As I’ve mentioned several times, I’m a big fan of simple meals and clean flavors. I make quick meals for my lunch, as I eat alone. Dinner is the elaborate meal in our house. This recipe is just something I… Continue reading

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