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Naan With an Easy Sourdough Starter (Without Yeast)

Naan is the most popular Indian bread, and is loved by everybody across the globe. In fact when I tell people I write a food blog, the first question they ask me is if I have a naan recipe. Sadly,… Continue reading

Irani Samosa/Onion Samosa (Cocktail Samosa)

All of you are familiar with Samosa. Probably the most famous Indian snack! If you have never tried making them at home, try THIS recipe. What all of you may not be familiar with is the version that I’m going… Continue reading

Baked Methi Mathri (Savory Indian Crackers)

We Indians eat way too many snacks! There have to be some biscuits with the morning coffee/tea. Another tea and something to go with it at 11 AM. Oh, and the highlight of the day is the evening 4PM tea,… Continue reading

Mushroom 65 – Fiery!!

Andhra Pradesh’s cuisine is known as one of the spiciest in India. And yes, it is true!! This region is famous for its fiery hot food and super spicy pickles. And we totally love it :) I still remember my first… Continue reading

Mini Corn Cakes (Tikki) & Anjum’s New Indian cookbook giveaway

Season’s greetings :) Hope all of you are enjoying the festive season!! What are your plans? Have you bought all the gifts? Is the Christmas menu ready, is your family visiting you are or are you already with them? Do leave… Continue reading

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