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Naan With an Easy Sourdough Starter (Without Yeast)

Naan is the most popular Indian bread, and is loved by everybody across the globe. In fact when I tell people I write a food blog, the first question they ask me is if I have a naan recipe. Sadly,… Continue reading

Biscuits – Classic & Garam Masala-Cheddar Biscuits for DB Challenge (Jan 2012)

This is my first Daring Baker’s post. I have been forever in awe of the Daring bakers and their recipes! Finally I dared to join the group and this is my first DB post. I’m so excited!! This month’s DB… Continue reading

Curried Onion & Chickpeas Bread

Yes! You got that right, this bread packs in all the wonderful flavors of curry and has a great texture from chickpeas. I am currently reading the book ‘High flavor Low fat Vegetarian Cooking’ by Steven Raichlen. Steven is a… Continue reading

Banana Orange Oats Bread

Ah!! The aroma of banana bread baking in your oven…isn’t just that enticing aroma a good enough reason to bake anything with bananas???? For me, it certainly is :) The whole house smells so good and hubby dear and my doggy… Continue reading

Whole Wheat Oats Potato Bread

I have always loved whole wheat bread for its earthy flavor. Even as a child, I always liked the ‘brown bread’ (Wheat bread is called brown bread in India). It was not readily available then and was a little expensive… Continue reading

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