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Mava Gujiya (Sweet Ricotta Cheese Filled Pastries)

So I talked a lot about Holi yesterday. Do you remember Gujiya from that conversation??? Don’t worry if you don’t! In today’s post, we’ll talk only about gujiya :) Gujiya, pronounced as goo-jee-yaa, is a very popular snack made during Holi.… Continue reading

Chocolate Fudge – Guest post by Pavithra of Dishes From My Kitchen

There is some news for you folks!! I am going to start a new feature – Featured Blogs @ Ambika’s Kitchen. In this feature, I will introduce you all to my favorite blogs and bloggers. I will try to introduce… Continue reading

Drunken Orange Cake

Wait, before you read, this is a family friendly, non-alcoholic cake. For those of you who are disappointed, don’t worry, I will suggest a boozy variation. Is everybody happy now?? Well, at least I am. I loved this cake. Especially… Continue reading

Chocolate Dessert Cups with Strawberry Cheesecake filling

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!! Do all of you celebrate Valentine’s day?? Well, I don’t know if I do 😛 I don’t really believe in being extra loving and romantic on this day. It is fun though! I… Continue reading

Banana Coconut Fudge (Burfi)

What’s your favorite fruit? I know there would be so many different answers to that question. Now let’s try this – which is the fruit you eat most often? I’m sure banana tops that list! Well, it does in mine… Continue reading

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