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Biscuits – Classic & Garam Masala-Cheddar Biscuits for DB Challenge (Jan 2012)

This is my first Daring Baker’s post. I have been forever in awe of the Daring bakers and their recipes! Finally I dared to join the group and this is my first DB post. I’m so excited!! This month’s DB… Continue reading

Massa Savoda – Portugese Sweet Bread – A.W.E.D. Portugal

This month’s A.W.E.D Portugal event gave me a chance to explore the Portugese cuisine. A.W.E.D (A Worldly Epicurean Delight) is an event started by DK of Chef In You, and hosted this month by Priya of Priya’s Easy N… Continue reading

Vietnamese Pho – Vegetarian Version

It has been snowing here all of the weekend. There’s almost 2 feet of snow!! It was the first heavy snow of this season and Milo’s (our puppy) first snow (he’s just 4 months old). So we took him out… Continue reading

Chickpeas & Oats Falafel – Served New York City style

I was introduced to ‘Falafel’ by my husband. When he was in NY city, these was a food stall near Columbia University that served (still serves) the best falafels. It was his regular lunch before I came here and I… Continue reading

Pizza – Homemade, better than takeout!

We love pizza and can eat it anytime of the day. Our favorite pizza is from Papa Johns. Both of us like the original crust, thick and bready, and always buy some extra orders of Peperoncini chilies and garlic dip.… Continue reading

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