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South Indian Tiffins

Elai Vadam/Stand Vadam (Rice papadum)

Each family has its own set of traditional recipes that are passed down to its next generation with lots of love. These are the recipes that no restaurant in the world can make and no amount of money can buy!… Continue reading

Idli (with Idli Rava) & Very Easy Hotel Style Sambar for Idli

This is one of my mom’s specialty. I would never eat idli sambar at school, but I used to be very very excited when Amma gave me this. You might wonder why! Well, the reason was that I could exchange… Continue reading

Aloo Bonda – Potato Chickpea flour fritters

Aloo Bonda is a typical south Indian snack. These are fritters made with a simple potato curry, dipped in besan/chickpea flour batter and deep fried. They are usually served with the evening tea. This is a very simple recipe, easy… Continue reading

Medu Vadai/Urad Dal Vada – Happy Pongal!

Wish you all a very Happy Pongal!! Hope all of you had a great day :)

Festivals always make you nostalgic, don’t they? Well, I become totally nostalgic on festivals and bore my husband with all the things I did back… Continue reading

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